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No Mess Gutters & Roofing is a full-service roofing company with a tremendous reputation for honest, reliable, and expert roofing and gutter services. Very much a part of the Houston community, led by owner Jeff Lambert, No Mess Gutters & Roofing are not storm chasers that come in after a hurricane and then pick up and leave. They have built their reputation and longevity on good customer service, professionalism, and trusted reliability. A local company that has proudly lived in the same area and worked in the same industry for many years and has provided services in the North Houston area and surrounding towns for over 27 years. No Mess is proud to be a leader in gutter system installation and related gutter services such as cleaning and repair. It also offers Roofing services, including roof rejuvenation treatment and restoration for asphalt shingles. Roof Rejuvenation is cutting-edge technology that extends the life of your roof and saves you money by allowing you to postpone a roof replacement.

In this video, Jeff tells you a little bit about No Mess Gutters & Roofing.


“I’m Jeff Lambert, here, No Mess Roofing and Gutters Roof Rejuvenation. We’re located here in Spring, Texas. We take care of all of the north Houston area, Spring, Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, Tomball. We can go as far as Katy. We can go into Houston, but our main area is North Houston. We concentrate mainly on restoration work. We’re a full-service roofing and gutter company, but we like to see what we can do to give you the most value for the money for what you already have in restoring high-end gutters, or just regular gutters, high-end roofs, or regular roofs. It doesn’t matter. We’re an asphalt shingle rejuvenation treatment company, which means that we’re going to take what you have on your roof and try to make it last longer so you can get more life out of it.

What I’d like to do is really just go into what we do when we show up to a home when we’re doing a rejuvenation treatment. The first thing that we’re going to do, which is actually included in the process, is we’re going to get up on the roof. If you look at our ladder, it actually has what is called a Corner Buddy on that. It’s a stand-off or stay safe, so nothing leans up against the gutters. It’s very important that we don’t lean ladders up against the gutters. Ladders are heavy. Then you put a 150-pound guy on there to a 210-pound guy, and you’re going to cause problems to the gutters. You always want to have something that stands away from the gutters, has nobbies on the end, so it doesn’t cause any damage to the shingles especially in Houston when it’s triple digit weather like it is today on August 1, 2023.

The guys get up on the roof, do the inspection, and now they’re doing a tune-up. They’re going around, and they’re sealing everything as if new. Your roof is designed with asphalt shingles and then secured with nails. That’s your securement point. Then the nail heads are then sealed so they’re not exposed to the elements. If they are, they’re going to rust, or they’re going to pop. We want to make sure everything is completely secured and sealed as if new. Then after we’re done doing that, we’re going to go around and make sure all the gutters are cleaned off, cleaned out.

This particular home has screens on them, which is good. You should always have some type of protection on your gutters. Otherwise, they’re just like a Petrie dish, mosquitos, waspies, especially the West Nile Virus, a very big deal. We want to try to see what we can do to eliminate as much bulk debris that’s then going to have standing water sitting in there. Now, when it’s hot like this, it’s going to evaporate pretty quick, but nonetheless, you definitely want to have protection on your gutters. What we’ll do is we’re going to clean all the debris off the roof, get all the bulk debris off, and then actually clean all of the inside of the gutters, thoroughly rinse them out, flush the downspouts.

Again, that’s included in the service itself of a rejuvenation treatment. We’re doing, number one, rejuvenation treatment. It’s got a five-year transferable warranty. Then we’re going to do a roof tune-up, which is technically, on this home, it’s a $750 value. There’s no additional charge. Then we’re going to clean the gutters. On this home, you’re looking at about 425. It’s a rather large home, but that’s all included and that’s what we’re going to do. While they’re doing that, another person will come in.

If you walk with me over here, and you can take a look. Here’s our trailer. Then of course we have our extended van. It’s a high-rise van. Then of course we have our soft spray machine inside here that we apply the product to the shingles with. It’s just a very light, soft spray. We put the chemical, which is a concentrate, inside there with water. Then it agitates it as it’s going. It’s spinning it, and agitating, emulsifying, whatever term you want to use. We want to make sure that that oil and water is getting mixed up really well so when it gets up on the roof, you’re getting the same consistency.

Let’s go ahead and walk around the property and just take a look at this. I’ve been doing roofs and gutters, I would say, for almost 28 years. In the very beginning, to be perfectly frank with you, I am just like any other roofer. There’s so many products that come out every five years, and we already have a customer base in which we do maintenance, not just replacing. Most roofs are one and done. We come back, and we maintain them. We were always the company that’d say, no, don’t wash your roof because it’s going to dry out the shingles. No, don’t use that product because that’s just a fad right now. We’ve been doing this for so long, we’ve seen the come and go.

When rejuvenation came out about ten years ago, I was interested in it. I was interested in looking to see exactly what it was about. It wasn’t really hitting the Houston market area. I had to travel down over to Ohio, over the Florida, to the Carolinas, and actually see them apply this product. That was great, but does it actually work? I see it being applied. That means I had to fly all the way back years later to see the exact same homes and actually get up there physically. I’m going to tell you it’s very difficult when you don’t work for that company or have anything to do with that customer to come back knocking on their door going, hey, I’d like to check your roof.

Fortunately for me, I had some really great people that allowed me to do that. It did exactly what it’s supposed to do. We shimmied up a shingle, lifted it up, saw the pliability, saw that it was still tacky, saw that the granulars weren’t shedding. This was three years later. We came back at five years, same thing, no problem. I was down visiting my family in Fayetteville, North Caroline and went over to a house that they did – not my family, another company. This was about five, almost six years later. Still, no problems whatsoever. After about five years, you can treat it again. You can do this up to three times. You can get 15 years out of this type of product that we’re using.”

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