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About Us

No Mess Gutters & Roofing is a full-service roofing company. In addition to providing common roofing services and gutter installation, we are proud to be a leader in roof rejuvenation treatment and restoration for asphalt shingles. We’re a local company that has proudly lived and worked in the same area and the same industry for these many years. We have provided our services in the North Houston area and surrounding towns for over 27 years.

We are very much a part of the Houston community. We’re not Storm Chasers that pick up and leave! We have built our reputation and longevity on good customer service, professionalism, and trusted reliability.

About No Mess Gutters & Roofing Services Inc.
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Why Us?

We respect our workers’ expertise, knowledge, and experience and our crews get paid the highest labor wages in the industry. In return, we can retain loyal skilled roofers, gutter system installers, and repairmen. As a result, we have fewer complaints or call back for service requests than other companies. We work one project at a time with a Project Manager on site from start to finish. We’re not the biggest or the cheapest, but we can proudly say we are the BEST. We know what we are doing, and no one beats our customer service!

You get the complete concierge service from beginning to end with no catches or hidden agendas. Our goal is to take care of the needs of our customers with good communication, top-of-the-industry services, and, as our company name implies, no mess or problems upon completion. Our business model is designed to be a win/win for everyone. We love our customers to be satisfied and truly happy that they chose us.

Top quality roof rejuvenation, roof replacement, gutters, and cleaning.

We provide protection for your lawn and flowerbeds against shingles, nails, and more.

We provide a safer environment for your loved ones.

We take precautions to reduce any risk of damage to your property.

Proudly Serving North Houston & Surrounding Communities

We think outside the box

What We Offer

Our approach, designs, and pricing are simply the best. None of our Roof & Rain Control Systems have failed. We only install what will work. We provide materials from all the manufacturers and suppliers, using a variety of size specifications for the very best functionality, with a keen awareness for aesthetics. Furthermore, we offer Custom Coloring, Free check-up Service and a legitimate Warranty for Labor and Materials.


What is the Equipter 4000 Roofing Trailer?

Projects Get Completed in Less Time With The Equipter RB-4000
The Equipter RB-4000 Roofing Trailer is a piece of innovative debris management equipment that takes the mess out of roof debris removal. The hydraulic system lifts the container to receive the debris. Because the mess is handled better and safer it means our workers spend less time cleaning up, saving our clients time and money.

Benefits of the Equipter RB-4000:
• Maneuverability – tight turning radius to allows it to fit into tight spaces so we can position it for optimal roof debris removal
• Design -It has large rear tires which evenly distributes weight and reduces the risk of property damage, no ruts in customer lawns. The 4-foot Roll-back extensions also saves us time by not having to pick debris off the ground or repairing any landscaping.
• Vertical Rise- Being able to raise the container to roof level allows efficient delivery of roofing materials and product as well as put debris into container for time-saving cleanup

Use of the Equipter RB-4000 helps No Mess Gutters & Roofing to get the job done faster and more efficiently. The customer gets their project done faster with less mess and clean up, less mess during the project and virtually no damage to lawn or landscaping. It is a win-win for both the us and you. According to the manufacturer, their studies show clean-up time is cut by up to 80% and job site efficiency is boosted by over 25%.

We make sure to care for your property while we work, and the Equipter RB-4000 helps us do that. A clean project site is a safer site.


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No Mess Guaranteed!

Checks & Balances

No Mess Gutters & Roofing has been in business a long time and designed our operations to provide the checks and balances necessary to make sure our projects are done right. We check ourselves and each other making sure along the way we are all “rowing together in the same direction.” Right from the start, by calling our company No Mess Gutters & Roofing we knew we wanted to not only provide expert services, but we wanted it to be “No Mess” as in we literally keep the project site (your home or property) mess free as we work and clean when we leave. And we mean “No Mess” as in hassle-free too with providing good customer service and our No Mess Guarantee of satisfaction with our work.


How do we provide accountability? We provide a project manager on-site from start to finish! Our business model is set up to be the best. We are concerned with the quality of the work and not just quantity of jobs. Our philosophy is “Take care of what’s in front of you before moving on.” Because each project has a leader on site, we don’t need to micromanage our crews Each team is vested in the job they are working on and take pride in doing that job well. Plus, for you the customer, having a project manager on site, you are dealing directly with that project manager if you have any questions or concerns, not trying to “call someone” for help.

No Mess Gutters & Roofing provides our customers peace of mind by giving complete umbrella protection of their project by providing a free check-up service in your first year and a true Warranty for Labor, Services and Materials. You get the complete concierge service meaning our goal is to find ways to make your experience with us positive with no catches or hidden agendas. Our business model is designed to be a win/win situation for everyone.

Local, Family Owned & Operated

We design & install roofs & rain control systems for our Coastal Texas weather. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference in approach, design, and cost. Always with a No Mess Guarantee!