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Tour a live roof rejuvenation project

We’re doing a rejuvenation treatment over here in Spring, Texas. The roof is approximately about 15 to 20 years old. It’s an asphalt shingle roof. It’s losing a lot of the granulars at an excessive rate, which means that the asphalt oils in the shingles are depleted significantly. When it’s depleted significantly, it’s not expanding and contracting like it’s supposed to. The granulars are shedding, which is the protective layer of the roof against the UV rays. Then it’s just breaking down. They’re going to crack, dry out, and it’s just going to expedite the live span of the shingles. These shingles should last a good 30 years, but if you don’t maintain them with roof tune-ups, or cleanings, and rejuvenations, what we like to call shampoo and conditioning, then your roof is only going to last here in the Houston, Texas, Spring, Texas area about 15, 20 years at the very most.

Very cost effective, very clean, it’s a bio-degradable product, USDA certified, 90%. I mean, this is the very best thing in the next evolution in the roofing market, not to mention, we’re saving our planet. It takes about 300 years for asphalt shingles to decompose in the landfill. I mean, just imagine how many roofs are being replaced. It’s a tremendous savings not only for the homeowner but for our planet. It’s just the best thing that you can do.

What they’re doing right now is they’re soft spraying the shingles with the soybean oil on there. It’s soybean and water mixed together. The water acts as a traveling agent. We emulsify that product so it can blend together because we all know oil and water doesn’t mix. When you’re emulsifying, in other words, spinning it constantly through our machine, all the way through the hose, and then getting it on there, the water acts as a traveling agent. The water will evaporate, bring the oil down. The oil will stick there and stay, saturating the shingles, making them completely tacky and soft like a new shingle. It will help against impact. It’s also reactivating the tar strip underneath, which means that it’s going to help against high winds. It’s just something that is absolutely necessary.

This is a newer roof right here. If you go on the other side of it, it’s got black algae. If you look at the roof next to them on that side, you can see black algae all on that roof. It’s very detrimental to the shingles. It helps expedite the process of eliminating the oils. If you go on top of this roof that we’re looking at, that we’re actually applying the treatment, that’s already been applied. You can see some white marks where it’s still drying, but it sets. It dries very quickly, within an hour. We can get a significant storm coming through here in the next two to three hours, and we’ll be good to go. Prep, post time, we’re probably looking at about two hours at the very most once we’re at your property. It’s non-evasive to the homeowner. It’s non-evasive to the neighbors. It’s not all these people pounding on your roof. It’s just such a clean in-and-out easy treatment.

The thing that’s great about our company, No Mess Roofing and Gutters Roof Rejuvenation is we’re going to actually come back every year during the warranty and check this. What I mean by check it, I mean, we’re actually going to get up on the roof. We’re going to shimmy a shingle up. We’re going to raise it about 20, 30 degrees, so you can see that it’s pliable. Then we’re going to lay it back down showing you there’s no crease. We’re going to go into the gutters, or a valley if there’s no gutters, showing you that the granulars aren’t shedding. Now, when we do that to the shingle, we then turn around and seal it. Also, when we’re lifting that up, real quick, it shows you how the oils have saturated through, and it’s reactivating the tar strip. Then we’ll seal that back down. We do a little video and pictures, provide that to you. Each year during the transferable warranty, we provide that to you. We want you to actually see, have eyes on view showing you that this treatment actually works.

If mother nature comes in and does significant damage, let’s say golf ball sized hail, soft ball sized hail, 120 mile an hour winds whipping through here. Nothing’s going to save your roof on stuff like that. If you get a significant damage to your roof, and you get an insurance claim, you use us to replace the roof because we’re a full-service roofing company, we’ll turn around and rebate you back the full cost of rejuvenation treatment. On this home, right here, it’s about $2,900 to do that. If a storm comes through here in the next five years, and he gets an insurance claim, then we’ll turn around and rebate him back the whole $2,900 so he doesn’t lose any money. We just find that that’s the best peace of mind for the homeowner, not only to have the added protection, but to have people come out and check it and then stand behind what they say they’re going to do if you get an insurance claim.
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How much does roof rejuvenation cost?

This is what we hear all the time. People call. Hey, Jeff Lambert here, No Mess Roofing and Gutters Roof Rejuvenation. How can I help you? How much does it cost? I saw your product in a magazine. Tell me. Just tell me what it costs. That’s all I want to know, what does it cost? We have to sit there and say, it’s affordable. It’s going to be 80% less than the cost of a brand-new roof. Well, I’ve got a 3,000 square foot home. How much does it cost?

I can’t tell you that. I mean, we actually have to come out to the property. There’s no scheme. There’s no hidden agenda here. We physically have to come out because you may have a 3,000, 3,800 square foot roof, but it’s two-story versus a one-story. You don’t have a pool. You don’t have lots of landscaping. There’s a lot of other variables that go into the cost than just the per square foot cost. When people ask us that, we’re not trying to be evasive. We just need to come out.

When we come out, yes, we do need to meet with you for about an hour. It’s very simple. Here’s the price. If you like the price, then let’s sign you up. If you want to hold off, no worries. There’s no hard pressure sales. Remember, we’re going to take pictures of everything. We’re going to show you that. It’s not like we’re going to be in your home for four or five hours waiting for you to sign and beating you down. No, it’s real quick. We don’t even have to go inside the house. We’re just going to do the inspection, show you the pictures, give you the price. If you like it, we’ll get it scheduled.

About No Mess Gutters & Roofing Services Inc.

I’m Jeff Lambert, here, No Mess Roofing and Gutters Roof Rejuvenation. We’re located here in Spring, Texas. We take care of all of the north Houston area, Spring, Woodlands, Conroe, Montgomery, Tomball. We can go as far as Katy. We can go into Houston, but our main area is North Houston. We concentrate mainly on restoration work. We’re a full-service roofing and gutter company, but we like to see what we can do to give you the most value for the money for what you already have in restoring high-end gutters, or just regular gutters, high-end roofs, or regular roofs. It doesn’t matter. We’re an asphalt shingle rejuvenation treatment company, which means that we’re going to take what you have on your roof and try to make it last longer so you can get more life out of it.

What I’d like to do is really just go into what we do when we show up to a home when we’re doing a rejuvenation treatment. The first thing that we’re going to do, which is actually included in the process, is we’re going to get up on the roof. If you look at our ladder, it actually has what is called a Corner Buddy on that. It’s a stand-off or stay safe, so nothing leans up against the gutters. It’s very important that we don’t lean ladders up against the gutters. Ladders are heavy. Then you put a 150-pound guy on there to a 210-pound guy, and you’re going to cause problems to the gutters. You always want to have something that stands away from the gutters, has nobbies on the end, so it doesn’t cause any damage to the shingles especially in Houston when it’s triple digit weather like it is today on August 1, 2023.

The guys get up on the roof, do the inspection, and now they’re doing a tune-up. They’re going around, and they’re sealing everything as if new. Your roof is designed with asphalt shingles and then secured with nails. That’s your securement point. Then the nail heads are then sealed so they’re not exposed to the elements. If they are, they’re going to rust, or they’re going to pop. We want to make sure everything is completely secured and sealed as if new. Then after we’re done doing that, we’re going to go around and make sure all the gutters are cleaned off, cleaned out.

This particular home has screens on them, which is good. You should always have some type of protection on your gutters. Otherwise, they’re just like a Petrie dish, mosquitos, waspies, especially the West Nile Virus, a very big deal. We want to try to see what we can do to eliminate as much bulk debris that’s then going to have standing water sitting in there. Now, when it’s hot like this, it’s going to evaporate pretty quick, but nonetheless, you definitely want to have protection on your gutters. What we’ll do is we’re going to clean all the debris off the roof, get all the bulk debris off, and then actually clean all of the inside of the gutters, thoroughly rinse them out, flush the downspouts.

Again, that’s included in the service itself of a rejuvenation treatment. We’re doing, number one, rejuvenation treatment. It’s got a five-year transferable warranty. Then we’re going to do a roof tune-up, which is technically, on this home, it’s a $750 value. There’s no additional charge. Then we’re going to clean the gutters. On this home, you’re looking at about 425. It’s a rather large home, but that’s all included and that’s what we’re going to do. While they’re doing that, another person will come in.

If you walk with me over here, and you can take a look. Here’s our trailer. Then of course we have our extended van. It’s a high-rise van. Then of course we have our soft spray machine inside here that we apply the product to the shingles with. It’s just a very light, soft spray. We put the chemical, which is a concentrate, inside there with water. Then it agitates it as it’s going. It’s spinning it, and agitating, emulsifying, whatever term you want to use. We want to make sure that that oil and water is getting mixed up really well so when it gets up on the roof, you’re getting the same consistency.

Let’s go ahead and walk around the property and just take a look at this. I’ve been doing roofs and gutters, I would say, for almost 28 years. In the very beginning, to be perfectly frank with you, I am just like any other roofer. There’s so many products that come out every five years, and we already have a customer base in which we do maintenance, not just replacing. Most roofs are one and done. We come back, and we maintain them. We were always the company that’d say, no, don’t wash your roof because it’s going to dry out the shingles. No, don’t use that product because that’s just a fad right now. We’ve been doing this for so long, we’ve seen the come and go.

When rejuvenation came out about ten years ago, I was interested in it. I was interested in looking to see exactly what it was about. It wasn’t really hitting the Houston market area. I had to travel down over to Ohio, over the Florida, to the Carolinas, and actually see them apply this product. That was great, but does it actually work? I see it being applied. That means I had to fly all the way back years later to see the exact same homes and actually get up there physically. I’m going to tell you it’s very difficult when you don’t work for that company or have anything to do with that customer to come back knocking on their door going, hey, I’d like to check your roof.

Fortunately for me, I had some really great people that allowed me to do that. It did exactly what it’s supposed to do. We shimmied up a shingle, lifted it up, saw the pliability, saw that it was still tacky, saw that the granulars weren’t shedding. This was three years later. We came back at five years, same thing, no problem. I was down visiting my family in Fayetteville, North Caroline and went over to a house that they did – not my family, another company. This was about five, almost six years later. Still, no problems whatsoever. After about five years, you can treat it again. You can do this up to three times. You can get 15 years out of this type of product that we’re using.

Fighting Roof Algae

What we’re looking at here is just the black algae attacking the asphalt shingle’s roofs. The sun is just beating down on this super hard. The granulars, which is the protective layer of the shingles, helps to protect against the UV rays. Once the black – and the sun is depleting the asphalt oil. Once the black algae starts attacking the roof, it depletes the asphalt oils even further. Back in the day, you would just wash this. When you wash it with SH, sodium hypochlorite, basically, bleach, it then will further dry out the shingles. Then it will start shedding the granulars at an excessive rate.

That was just the way it was 15, 20 years ago. Now, with the rejuvenation treatment, you don’t have to do that. The rejuvenation treatment actually will smother the black algae. It will kill it completely, the pollutants, everything. Then give it 6 to 12 months, and it will naturally rinse clean. If you’re let’s say selling the home, and you need immediate, instant curb appeal, then yes, let’s wash it. We have to condition it because after it’s washed, if you don’t condition it, reintroduce the oils, the granulars are just going to be shedding. It’s going to look nice and clean, but when you get up in your gutters, you’re going to have a whole bunch of granulars in there, and that’s just not good. Plus, the sodium hypochlorite will further deplete, or not deplete, but deteriorate any of the other metals that are up there too.

You want to condition the roof after you’re done, make sure that it’s fully saturated with the oils. Like I said, the rejuvenation treatment itself will absolutely kill the black algae and remove it. I know that because I’ve personally done over 800 homes, I think, now. We’ve gone back to these homes. We’re now on our second treatments on some of these homes. We’ve gone back to where the black algae was far worse than this. Six months later, and it’s completely clean. It just depends on the area that you’re in though, but I can guarantee you that it will be gone within 12 months. That’s what we like about it.

This home is going to look spectacular after the black algae’s removed. When it gets put on there because it’s black it’s going to enhance that black oil stain look that it has right now. It’s actually killing the black algae. That’s what it’s doing. It’s reintroducing the oils, saturating with the oils. I don’t mean to be repetitive there, but it is turning around and reactivating the tar strip. It’s doing so many different things to the shingle, when it is thoroughly set it’s like it’s a brand-new shingle minus any aged wear and tear on there.

Meet The Owner

I’m just a high school student, a military guy that was in the Army. I was a tanker at Fort Knox, Kentucky. I’m a single parent, raising my son on my own. What I do is hands on. It’s really the best way of applying a product or learning a tool or trade. Then you have to do continual education. It isn’t one of those things where I was a roofer. You hear these people all the time, I roof for 20 years ago. We don’t roof like we used to 20 years ago. It’s different now. We don’t use the same products as we did 20 years ago. It’s different. It’s always evolving and educating yourself, and thinking outside the box, and trying your best to surround yourself with people that know far more than you do so you can get all of the answers from them. Then you make the best sound decisions.

For the roof rejuvenation treatment, we have a chemical company that actually is being utilized by all the shingle manufacturers to test our product. We go through years, and years, and years of testing. In my opinion, I leave it up to them. What I like about it is I have all the text results. I have all of the breakdown. If you’re a chemical engineer, which we have no problem selling to. Chemical engineers are our best customers because they already know about this. All we’ve got to do is provide them the test results. They do their due diligence.

It’s really a one call close. We give them the results, they call us, boom, we’re done. We leave it up to the scientists to figure out the compounds and everything for our product. Then once we have the testing results, and we get the best results, we’re still on our first-generation product where other people are on their third-generation product. That’s how good our product is. We spend the money so our customers don’t have to. That’s what it’s all about. It’s really people before profit. We really do believe that. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it’s not.

I mean, if you look at us, we’re all in uniforms. If you look at our vehicles, they’re all wrapped. If you look at our machines, they’re brand new. They’re well-maintained. Everything is to hold people accountable. That’s why we call ourselves No Mess, No Mess Roofing and Gutters, No Mess Roof Rejuvenation, No Mess Roofing. It’s all about making sure that when we leave here, the property’s going to look better than when we got here. The people have the peace of mind because we document everything too.

The real background of this is I’m a blue-collar worker. I’ve been up on the roof. I’ve done roofs. I’ve done gutters. I physically have done this for years and years. I’m 55 now, and I don’t do it anymore. I stopped doing it at 48. I have the right people around me, that have been around me for years, that know what I’m expecting. They know that I’m going to hold them accountable for it. We know that our customers, when we leave here, we know that they’re going to be satisfied. If they’re not, we take care of it. There’s no if, ands, or buts about it.

That’s why we’re the highest rated roofing gutter company. That’s why we have an A plus rating on the Better Business Bureau. That is why customers call us back. That’s why we have 2,500 to 3,000 customers that we already do. People say all the time, oh, we’re slow. We are never slow because we’re constantly cross marketing our services for our existing customers before we even get new customers. Take care of the ones that are in front of you first before you move onto the next. That’s our model, one project at a time.

How We Started

My background, actually, started out in gutters. I worked for my family’s business and was introduced into installing gutters. I started from the very bottom. I worked in the warehouse, then going out with the installers, actually installing, and then turning around and eventually going into sales. Once I was actually out there selling, so many people were asking about pressure washing, or about window cleaning. I had brought that up to my family’s business, and they weren’t interested in doing it. They just quite frankly said, hey, if that’s what you want to do, you go do your own thing. It was a tricky situation for me because I worked for a family business that I was actually a part of. I was told that if I leave, I’m no longer a part of it as of a financial means.

It was a hard decision, but I was much younger. I said, let me go ahead and do this. I went into window cleaning and pressure washing. Did very well doing that, but found that it’s very time consuming, window cleaning. Homeowners can be very particular, especially with window cleaning. I really concentrated on pressure washing. I was washing roofs back then. We did a fantastic job. We did exactly what the shingle manufacturers suggested us to do.

As we were doing it, when we would come back to clean gutters, we would notice how many granulars would still be inside the gutters. They would be shedding even more excessively. We always looked at how we can go about doing a treatment, so to speak, that would be beneficial and not detrimental to the shingles aside from just making them cleaner. There was a product that you can buy at Home Depot. It’s called Roof Sealer, Roof Saver, there’s a lot of different names. It does pretty much what rejuvenation does. It is a product that’s very expensive. It’s not consistent. We wanted to control it ourselves. It took another couple decades before we went even further with this.

I turned around and sold my window cleaning pressure washing company. I went back to work for my parents again, helping them with marketing. That’s when Angie’s List, and Living Social, and Groupon came out. My family was really still into Yellow Page ads, which were very expensive. In the Houston market, we had so many different phone numbers that you had to have so many different phone books. When Living Social, Angie’s List, and all those came out, and then they started doing metro lines, it just made it more convenient to not advertise in the phone book and advertise in these other platforms.

Again, went to my family and said, hey, this is what we should do. We should really concentrate on gutter cleaning, the service aspect of it. Hey Jeff, if you want to do that, you go start your own company. I said that once – they said that to me once before. I said, okay, let me go do this again. This time, though, it skyrocketed. I mean, instantly, we were killing it through Groupon and Living Social. I really like Groupon a lot. We did so well concentrating on the service aspect, whereas my family’s business were concentrating on high-end siding, remodeling, which were all financing items.

Then the economy went down. Then there was a drought. When there’s a drought, service is a big deal. Your home is your biggest investment. You’ve got to maintain it. It gets very hot here. You’ve got to get that debris off your roof because it will damage your roof. There’s so many other different things, infestation of insects, rodents. You have to maintain the property. Even though everyone else is going through a down spiral because of the economy and the drought, we were killing it. We were just going up, and up, and up. My family was interested in what I was doing, so they acquired my company. They said, hey, show us what you’re doing, full force, and we’ll give you carte blanche, so to speak. Do what you want.

I did exactly that. We went from having one gutter cleaning crew for that company all the way to five gutter cleaning crews. At that time, no one cleaned gutters. There was no such thing as a gutter cleaning company. We were the first ones to introduce that into the Houston area. What you had were handymen cleaning gutters and stuff. Once we got them to the point of really understanding the aspect of service, we just, again, just blew up. We had more cleaning companies than we had – more cleaning crews than we had gutter crews, than we had remodeling crews. It’s a cash cow business, so to speak. You’re in and out, and you get paid right away. You don’t have to wait. There’s really no materials. It’s labor. It was a sound business model. They liked it. I liked it. Everyone profited from it. It was great.

Once my mom and dad looked at stepping away from the business, my brother, who was Vice President of Operations said he wanted to downsize. I was sales. Remember, I no longer have a portion of the business. That dramatically affects my income if he wants to scale down. I told him, I said, if we’re going to scale down, why don’t we get into roofing? I’ve always been in roofing, always done it, but my family didn’t want to do that. It was very saturated here in the Houston market, coastal area. My brother said, hey, if that’s what you want to do, you go do it. I said, okay, got you. That’s the third time you guys said this to me. I’m going to go ahead and do it again.

That’s when COVID happened. COVID happened, the pricing of materials and stuff went up, they were scarce. It needed to think outside the box. We needed to figure out how we were going to go about replacing roofs, repairing roofs, doing the things that are necessary to save the people money. Rejuvenation had already been on the market, but it was all up north, or in Florida and the Carolinas. It wasn’t here in Houston or in Texas at all. I did my due diligence, as I have said before, travelled. It was years of research. I had over 2500 clients already that I did on a regular basis for maintaining things. Since I already had in-house clients, I wasn’t interested in burning them. I wanted to make sure we were providing the same excellent service that we always did.

We’re the highest rated roofing gutter company in our area. We’ve been in business for almost eight years now, seven years. We’re already eclipsing everyone else. Now, we have more and more people calling us. I don’t mean to go on a tangent here, but we have more and more calling us wanting the rejuvenation and the roofing companies. They want us to partner up, whereas before when we would call them they would just tell us, no way. Yes, we took a leap of faith, but we also did our due diligence in researching this and making sure that the product actually did what it said. That being said, we introduced rejuvenation treatments into our line of business of cross marketing our services of gutter cleaning, roof repairs, roof replacements. It makes it very easy for us because we’re cleaning gutters. Since we’re already up there cleaning gutters, why don’t we go ahead and tell you what’s going on above your head?



Treatment with our rejuvenator product extends the life of your current roof. It is environmentally friendly and 100% safe for people, pets, and your property. The treatment can be completed in two hours and comes with our No Mess Guarantee. Have us rejuvenate and revitalize your roof for a fraction of the cost of a new roof.

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We design & install roofs & rain control systems for our Coastal Texas weather. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the difference in approach, design, and cost. Always with a No Mess Guarantee!