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A Live Roof Rejuvenation Tour

A Live Roof Rejuvenation Tour

Today, leading roofing and gutter installation company, No Mess Gutters & Roofing gives us a live roof rejuvenation tour. Come join Jeff Lambert and learn more about what Roof Rejuvenation is and how it can benefit you.

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No Mess Gutters & Roofing is a full-service roofing company with a tremendous reputation for honest, reliable, and expert roofing and gutter services. With over 250 five star Google reviews, customers give postive testimonials of the work received. Very much a part of the Houston community, led by owner Jeff Lambert, No Mess Gutters & Roofing are not storm chasers that come in after a hurricane and then pick up and leave. They have built their reputation and longevity on good customer service, professionalism, and trusted reliability. A local company that has proudly lived in the same area and worked in the same industry for many years and has provided services in the North Houston area and surrounding towns for over 27 years.

In addition to providing common roofing services and gutter installation, No Mess is proud to be a leader in roof rejuvenation treatment and restoration for asphalt shingles. Roof Rejuvenation is cutting-edge technology that extends the life of your roof and saves you money by allowing you to postpone a roof replacement.

In this video, Jeff takes you behind the scenes on an actual roof rejuvenation tour and expands on what is done and why this process is beneficial to property owners.


” We’re doing a rejuvenation treatment over here in Spring, Texas. The roof is approximately about 15 to 20 years old. It’s an asphalt shingle roof. It’s losing a lot of the granulars at an excessive rate, which means that the asphalt oils in the shingles are depleted significantly. When it’s depleted significantly, it’s not expanding and contracting like it’s supposed to. The granulars are shedding, which is the protective layer of the roof against the UV rays. Then it’s just breaking down. They’re going to crack, dry out, and it’s just going to expedite the live span of the shingles. These shingles should last a good 30 years, but if you don’t maintain them with roof tune-ups, or cleanings, and rejuvenations, what we like to call shampoo and conditioning, then your roof is only going to last here in the Houston, Texas, Spring, Texas area about 15, 20 years at the very most.

Very cost effective, very clean, it’s a bio-degradable product, USDA certified, 90%. I mean, this is the very best thing in the next evolution in the roofing market, not to mention, we’re saving our planet. It takes about 300 years for asphalt shingles to decompose in the landfill. I mean, just imagine how many roofs are being replaced. It’s a tremendous savings not only for the homeowner but for our planet. It’s just the best thing that you can do.

What they’re doing right now is they’re soft spraying the shingles with the soybean oil on there. It’s soybean and water mixed together. The water acts as a traveling agent. We emulsify that product so it can blend together because we all know oil and water doesn’t mix. When you’re emulsifying, in other words, spinning it constantly through our machine, all the way through the hose, and then getting it on there, the water acts as a traveling agent. The water will evaporate, bring the oil down. The oil will stick there and stay, saturating the shingles, making them completely tacky and soft like a new shingle. It will help against impact. It’s also reactivating the tar strip underneath, which means that it’s going to help against high winds. It’s just something that is absolutely necessary.

This is a newer roof right here. If you go on the other side of it, it’s got black algae. If you look at the roof next to them on that side, you can see black algae all on that roof. It’s very detrimental to the shingles. It helps expedite the process of eliminating the oils. If you go on top of this roof that we’re looking at, that we’re actually applying the treatment, that’s already been applied. You can see some white marks where it’s still drying, but it sets. It dries very quickly, within an hour. We can get a significant storm coming through here in the next two to three hours, and we’ll be good to go. Prep, post time, we’re probably looking at about two hours at the very most once we’re at your property. It’s non-evasive to the homeowner. It’s non-evasive to the neighbors. It’s not all these people pounding on your roof. It’s just such a clean in-and-out easy treatment.

The thing that’s great about our company, No Mess Roofing and Gutters Roof Rejuvenation is we’re going to actually come back every year during the warranty and check this. What I mean by check it, I mean, we’re actually going to get up on the roof. We’re going to shimmy a shingle up. We’re going to raise it about 20, 30 degrees, so you can see that it’s pliable. Then we’re going to lay it back down showing you there’s no crease. We’re going to go into the gutters, or a valley if there’s no gutters, showing you that the granulars aren’t shedding. Now, when we do that to the shingle, we then turn around and seal it. Also, when we’re lifting that up, real quick, it shows you how the oils have saturated through, and it’s reactivating the tar strip. Then we’ll seal that back down. We do a little video and pictures, provide that to you. Each year during the transferable warranty, we provide that to you. We want you to actually see, have eyes on view showing you that this treatment actually works.

If mother nature comes in and does significant damage, let’s say golf ball sized hail, soft ball sized hail, 120 mile an hour winds whipping through here. Nothing’s going to save your roof on stuff like that. If you get a significant damage to your roof, and you get an insurance claim, you use us to replace the roof because we’re a full-service roofing company, we’ll turn around and rebate you back the full cost of rejuvenation treatment. On this home, right here, it’s about $2,900 to do that. If a storm comes through here in the next five years, and he gets an insurance claim, then we’ll turn around and rebate him back the whole $2,900 so he doesn’t lose any money. We just find that that’s the best peace of mind for the homeowner, not only to have the added protection, but to have people come out and check it and then stand behind what they say they’re going to do if you get an insurance claim.”

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